Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Peeping Tom. B

'Peeping Tom' is not a scary movie, but it is a disturbing movie. The film has often been compared to 'Psycho,' and true, many comparisons can be made. But one reason why 'Psycho' is better than 'Tom' is because Norman Bates is more of a mystery than Mark, the protagonist in 'Peeping Tom.' We know Norman is a strange man, but we aren't sure just how evil he is until the end. That is why we can have some sympathy with him. But in this movie, we know Mark is murdering these people. We know he's a killer and we know he is crazy, therefore we can't have the same sympathy with him as we can with Norman. What does Mark do? He murders woman and films the deaths so he can see their dying expressions. This was a good movie, and it should be watched as a classic plus Powell's direction is actually similar to Hitchcock's. Unfortunately it lacked some elements that made 'Psycho' so memorable.

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