Saturday, January 10, 2009

August Rush. C-

'August Rush' reminded me of an 'Oliver Twist' that is three times as sentimental and picks music as its way of connecting people together. Freddie Highmore plays August, a young boy who has lost his parents and is on the run from an orphanage. with a special ear for music he soon runs into a group of musicians who play on the streets for money. They then turn in their collections for the day to Wizard (Robin Williams) who in turn provides them with a home. Wizard teaches August about music and disocvers that the boy is musical prodegy. His mother, Lyla (Keri Russell) lives in Chicago and when she discovers from her dying father that her son actually lived (her father had lied to her after she was serously injured and gave birth to August) she heads to New York to find her son. August's father, Louis (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) goes to New York to find Lyla after his current girlfriend had left him. Meanwhile August is becoming a well known musician and composer throughout the city. He is even asked to compose a piece for the Philharmonic Orchestra in Central Park. 'August Rush,' directed by Kirsten Sheridan, is full of very talented actors, but unfortunately they all give terribly sappy performances. Especially Highmore, who is one of the bright young child stars working today. He gets too much screen time and some of his lines about hearing music, or I followed the music are simply painful, though in a sense they may be true. This is a sentimental mish mash of a movie that is so fake that you might as well watch 'Enchanted' with the family instead of 'August Rush,' a movie that got worse as it went along.

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