Thursday, January 22, 2009

Dragonheart. B

Warriors back in the middle ages were perhaps bound by a code, just as western heroes and outlaws were bound by their certain codes. But the codes were always hidden underneath and not spoken about. They were taken for granted, depending on the class that you belonged to. But in 'Dragonheart,' Rob Cohen's blockbuster adventure, the code is the main set of the movie. It's called the Old Code and Bowen (Dennis Quaid) lives by these rules and preaches it to the young and foolish Prince Einon. (David Thewlis) Bowen is trying to prepare Einon properly so that when he takes the crown he won't be corrupt like his father. Unfortunately, the only thing that Einon really cares about is learning how to fight. After a battle with the peasants, the King is slain and Einon is wounded, but in possession of the crown. To survive he'll need a dragon heart. Bowen and the Queen take Einon to a cave where the last surviving dragon, Draco (voiced by Sean Connery) is resting peacefully. After some negotiating, King Einon is saved by the dragon heart. The movie then skips ahead several years and Einon is now just as cruel as his father was. The movies continues with Einon trying to kill the dragon and Bowen trying to protect the dragon (and in a humorous sequence, make some money with it) What Einon doesn't realize is that Draco's pain is his pain, and if Draco dies, he dies. Bowen forms an alliance with the peasants, who seek vengeance, and the movie unfolds in a typical good versus evil showdown. Still, there is enough humor and action to go with the solid special effects for me to recommend the movie, even if it does feel kind of stupid when Bowen breaks into his talk about the code.

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