Monday, January 5, 2009

The Enforcer. B+

Next to the original 'Dirty Harry,' 'The Enforcer' is the smoothest movie in the series. The plot is basic and the ideas are humorous and well presented. Of course Clint Eastwood plays inspector Harry Callahan and as usual he is doing a good job in a bad way. So he gets reassigned with a new partner, a woman, Kate Moore. (Tyne Danly) Harry is not thrilled by this in the least. Moore is inexperienced and in her attempt to impress Harry, ends up being very irritating. Their job is to track down a group of terrorists who are trying to make some sort of social or political statement. Their motives were a little confusing but since we knew they were the bad guys it didn't matter all that much. Obviously Eastwood is what makes this movie so good. He uses plenty of humor, but it is more facial that verbal-that is-he groans, scowls, and frowns whenever Moore makes any sort of attempt to fit in. Of course Harry eventually realizes that Moore is rather special, but any sort of romantic relationship between the two ends far too soon. As with all the 'Dirty Harry' movies there is a holdup at the beginning in which Harry always comes to the rescue. In a food mart holdup Harry memorably responds to the robber's request for a car by taking his own and driving his own car through the store window and shooting the bad guys. That to me was the best part of the movie.

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