Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Lawrence of Arabia. B

There were two things that I thought of when we see Lawrence sitting degrudged in the car at the end of the movie: I must see this again. But I don't want to because it is over three and a half hours long. That's the problem I still face with this vast epic that is considered one of the greatest ever. This is the sort of movie that you see once just familiarize yourself with it. Then you see it again to fully grasp it. But I'm afraid that I might not even fully grasp it even if I saw it three times. This is also a movie that begs to be seen on the big screen. It is the reason movies must be seen on the big screen in the first place. I'm not exactly inerested in this film enough to watch it again, but if it ever gets rerelased, I will be one of the first in line to go see it. To watch 'Lawrence of Arabia' you must be in the perfect mood. You can't be the least bit sleepy (if you can't help it I suggest you swig a cup of coffee and then munch on coffee beans and chocolate) you must have a nice seat to sit on, and you must be in the mood for a long epic set mainly in Arabia that feeds itself off of a lot of dialogue and little action. There are many other great epics that are the same and that I have seen several times in 'family tradition format' such as 'Gone with the Wind' 'El Cid' (my favorite Hollywood epic) and 'Ben Hur.' All are very long perfectly boring if you aren't in to them. But if you are then they're terrific. I feel 'Lawrence' will never fit in the same category as those other ones, but who knows, because I've only seen it once and it simply begs to be watched multiple times.

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