Thursday, January 8, 2009

Mr. Brooks. C

Just about everything in 'Mr. Brooks' is sloppy except for Kevin Costner's acting and his alter-ego Marshall, played by William Hurt. Costner of course play Mr. Earl Brooks, a normal man with a wife and a daughter. He has a very nice job and a very nice house. He also has a secret that nobody knows about. He's a psychopathic killer who doesn't enjoy killing but does it because he is addicted to it. It's a very scary thought, but unfortunately one we can't relate to unless you unfortunate enough to be addicted to killing people. Near the beginning Mr. Brooks murders a couple in an apartment. A man called Mr. Smith (Dane Cook) is a photographer and he snaps a photo from his own apartment of Mr. Brooks looking out the window after he has committed the murder. He later comes to Mr. Brooks with the pictures and we guess he's going to ask for a lot of money or something in exchange for the photos. But that's the last thing Smith wants. His request is that Mr. Brooks takes him and lets him kill someone. This plot point seemed extremely ridiculous to me. Smith is a young and very weak man and we aren't really sure why he wants to do this. There is a detective, Tracy Atwood (Demi Moore) who is investigating the murder, but we are confronted with her personal life much more than her actual work. There is another subplot that seemed a bit out of place concerning Earl's daughter Jane (Danielle Panabaker). I generally don't care for Costner but I thought he gave a great performance here, and as I said, his alter-ego is played very nicely by the ghostly William Hurt. The plot unwinds, but there is never a real surprise. Everything sort of turns out as expected, except for one shocking scene at the end. Then we learn that it was just a dream.

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