Sunday, January 18, 2009

Saving Private Ryan. B

Steven Spielberg's 'Saving Private Ryan' has a plot so simple that it can told in the title of the film itself. But since when have war movies been complicated on the plot side? The story is about a group of World War II Americans, led by Captain John Miller (Tom Hanks) who must embark on a journey to save Private James Ryan, (Matt Damon) who is apparently lost. Why must eight soldiers risk their lives to save one? Because Ryan's three brothers, who were also serving, have died and the U.S wants to make sure that their mother gets her final son back safely. The movie, like most concerning the war, attemtps to give the viewer a graphic and realsitic image of the battles. The movie defintiely succeeds there, but that is also where it fails in my opinion. We've seen so many war movies and though their causes may be different don't they all seem to be pretty much the same? I'm a bit tired of directors trying to tell the audience what war is like, and how violent it can be. Still, the repetitiveness of the movie is its only real flaw, so if you aren't tired of war movies then this film will likely be flawless for you. Though the story is about eight men saving one, this movie is really about a man's duty. No man gripes in the war. If you are given a mission you do it without complaining. That's definitely what John Miller's character is all about. There are a few other big stars who have very small roles in the movie, such as Vin Diesel as Adrian Caparzo and Paul Giamatti as Sergeant Hill. Like most of Spielberg's films, this one looks spectacular. The sound and the visual effects are all there, and the script is actually really good. But it is long (170 minutes) sort of obvious, and sad, as are most pictures about the war.

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