Sunday, January 25, 2009

Shine a Light. B

'Shine a Light,' a documentary on the Rolling Stones directed by Martin Scorsese, who previously directed a documentary on Bob Dylan called 'No Direction Home,' is more like watching a concert than an actual history of the band. This is of course Scorsese's desired effect and he pulls it off gracefully. He and his camera team attended two concerts by the Rolling Stones back in 2006 and filmed them with several cameras. The outcome gives us a great example of what a Rolling Stones concert is like. We feel the energy from the beginning when Mick Jagger runs around energetically singing 'Jumpin Jack Flash.' Between many of the songs the film flashes back to the early days of the Stones and we get several interviews with the band members, especially Jagger. The main problem I had with the movie was the guest appearances of Christina Aguilera and Jack White. Aguilera really doesn't sound good with the Rolling Stones and I simply don't like how White plays music, though he seemed quite thrilled to be singing along side Mick Jagger. One thing I really noticed after watching the movie is how much Jagger, Keith Richards, and Ronnie Wood communicate during songs. And by that I mean their facial expression towards one another while they're playing their instruments. Their drummer, Charlie Watts doesn't do much. When he is introduced by Jagger he feebly says 'hello,' and then Jagger says, 'he speaks.' In all this isn't a great documentary simply because we don't actually learn much. but then again, what is there to learn but watch these talented musicians rock their asses off. And that they certainly do.

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