Monday, January 5, 2009

The Spirit. C+

'The Spirit,' based off of the comic book by Will Eisner, and written and directed by graphic novelist Frank Miller, obviously is trying to be a faithful and honest adaptation. Like 'Sin City,' 'The Spirit' looks and feels like film noir and when the credits role we are not disappointed with the technical quality in the least. The main concern here is the story and the acting of the hero, the Spirit, played by Gabriel Macht. The story lacks depth because though there are plenty of characters, none of them are put to full use. The villain is The Octopus (Samuel L Jackson) who is seeking immortality. He has an assistant named Floss (Scarlett Johnasson) who is likely the weakest character. Another key character is the beautiful Sand Saref (Eva Mendes) who was the former girlfriend of Denny Colt/the Spirit. The Spirit's job is obvious. Stop The Octopus. As I said, Macht doesn't have his character down all the way and though he tries, he doesn't quite succeed. Macht is an actor not many have heard of so it seemed like a rather odd casting job. But the rest of the cast is good, especially Mendes and Jackson. There are some very weird scenes that were a little too odd, such as when the Spirit is being held captive by his enemies, who are dressed as nazis. There was some humor but it wasn't exactly polished. Maybe Miller shouldn't have written the script. As I said, this is a great looking movie and a pleasure to watch. I enjoyed it, though I would not call it another 'Sin City.' It definitely feels like a comic book noir and I say you should see this movie, though you wouldn't want take your fiancé to see it.

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