Saturday, January 24, 2009

Then She Found Me. C+

'Then She Found Me' is Helen Hunt's directorial debut. So I give her a thumbs up. She made a good movie. But that doesn't mean I have to like it. She also stars as April, a 39 year old woman who is desperate to have a baby. Unfortunately her husband (Matthew Broderick) is about to break up with her. To make matters worse, her mother (she was adopted at birth) has just passed away. Then suddenly a man confronts April and tells her that her birth mother would like to see her. Shocked, April meets the flamboyant Bernice (Bette Midler) and after a test, discovers that Bernice is actually her mother. Amidst all of that is Frank (Colin Firth) the father of one of April's (who is a teacher) students. Both April and Frank have special feelings for each other, but to add to the trouble, April's husband calls saying that he is having trouble saying goodbye to her. April wants to be loved and she wants to love someone. Most of all she wants a child. The movie is better than a lot of romantic comedies simply because it avoids the expected, that is to say, it doesn't get overly sappy when it easily could have. Hunt is obviously expressing her feelings about human life and her feelings are that no matter how many ups and downs human beings go through, life is precious and it should be cherished, as well reproduced. One problem I had with the movie was that the comedy and the drama didn't feel well balanced. The first half of the movie is quite comical, but then it turns into more of a sentimental picture with no comedy at all. I like movies that keep the laughs up as well as putting in timely pieces of drama, such as in 'Little Miss Sunshine.' On the plus side, the acting is good, the story is clever but predictable, and in all the movie is quite good, but definitely not the kind that left me feeling deeply satisfied, like 'Gran Torino' did.

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