Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Darjeeling Limited. B+

Owen Wilson, Adrien Brody, and Jason Schwartzman in an American empirical picture by Wes Anderson, the poster for 'The Darjeeling Limited' tells us. That in itself is evidence that this isn't the typical road comedy. The unique structure of the film lies within the excellent and innovative script and direction from Wes Anderson (though he was helped out by Schwartzman and Roman Coppola with the writing), plus the wonderful performance from the three leads, who are so elementary in their behavior that they seem like children almost. The movie centers around these three characters (they're brothers), who unite for a journey in the hope of finding a spiritual bonding with one another. The movie is quite funny, especially when their spiritual quest derails (no pun intended--the Darjeeling Limited is the name of the train they board). The movie does not have a smooth flow to it, and a lot of it makes no sense at all, but that is Anderson's point I think. To make a unique, funny, adventure in which three estranged brothers form a friendship, and he finds success. Another thing that I enjoyed was soundtrack to this movie. The songs fit the tone and the feel of the picture perfectly. 'The Darjeeling Limited' is not without flaws. You could call the entire movie a flaw if you wanted. Some people will absolutely detest this movie, others, like myself, will enjoy it quite a bit. As much as I liked it, I thought that there was a little unnecessary drama involving the rescue of three Indian boys from a river. Also, Angelica Huston makes an appearance as the mother, but the entire scene was a little too weird and left me sort wondering what the point of it was. This is no ordinary drama-comedy, but Anderson, who is known for such movies as 'Rushmore,' and 'The Life Aquatic,' is no ordinary filmmaker, and his artistic presence, as well has his knack for creating odd, incredibly humorous situations, are definitely found in his latest success.

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