Thursday, March 19, 2009

Heist. C+

The plot behind 'Heist' couldn't be more obvious, but its execution might leave you wondering when the movie ends. David Mamet writes and directs this caper in which Gene Hackman plays Joe, a thief working for fence Bergman (Danny DeVito). After getting spotted in a jewelry robbery, Joe decides it's time to retire. Of course, then Bergman asks him to do one final job: rob a Swiss plane that's filled with gold. Joe's helpers include the wise Bobby (Delroy Lindo) the ignorant Jimmy (Sam Rockewell) and the deceitful Fran Moore (Rebecca Pidgeon). 'Heist' was advertised as having numerous twists and surprises, but if all Mamet could come up with was double-cross after double-cross, then there is reason alone to be disappointed. That's not to say that 'Heist' doesn't have some bright spots. It has a few. The performances from DeVito and Hackman are solid, though Hackman's only memorable moments come when he is making his attempts to fool police officers. Also, there are several bits of dialogue that bear repeating. You would expect 'Heist,' especially since it is coming from such a diverse player as Mamet, to be more imaginative, and maybe even an innovation to the caper genre, but unfortunately, though entertaining, there is nothing in 'Heist' that we haven't seen before.

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