Sunday, March 15, 2009

Malcolm X. A

Spike Lee deserves so much credit for this movie. Not only is it his best film, but it is also one of the better biopics I've seen. Denzel Washington portrays Malcolm, and he gives a tremendous performance-perhaps the performance of his career. The movie begins when Malcolm (then know as Malcolm Little) is a young, foolish, though obviously smart man. It occasionally flashes back to when he was a boy, and gives us a good idea of how brutally his family was treated by the Klan. Malcolm finally goes too far and is arrested and sent to prison. The prison sequence is the best in the movie. It is when Malcolm meets Baines (Albert Hall), who helps him to convert to Islam, as well as discover his true mission in life. The rest of the movie is spent showing us Malcolm and his involvement in the civil rights movement. At the time, Malcolm X was a very controversial man, but over time he has become a very important figure. People accused him of violence and racism. He makes a comment during the movie about how black men won't stop using their guns until white men stop using theirs. No matter what you think of the man, he deserves respect because his intrepid demeanor and his powerful voice demonstrate that he was a man who stood for what he believed in and let nothing, not even death, stand in his way. Some may say that 'Malcolm X' is too long (it runs on for over three hours) but it sped by when I was watching it and was simply astounded when the movie was over. This is as masterful as a biopic can get. It is an important American movie, no matter what your opinion of Malcolm X happens to be.

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