Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Terminator. C

'The Terminator' is considered a classic action movie, but it feels and looks like a B grade action flick, which to be honest is really what it is. It provides little room for analysis or thought and its characters are as shallow as a playhouse pool. The argument can be put up that this is an action movie, meaning it feeds off of the car chases, the gun fights, the explosions, and the sheer visual delight that these sort of movies provide and that thought provoking themes aren't necessary. But the problem is that the action and visual effects in this movie aren't even that good! They aren't bad, especially considering that the movie came out in the 80s, but they're also not even close to 'jaw-dropping.' Obviously the title character is what advertises the movie. The Terminator is a legend of a movie character and no one could play him as good as Arnold Schwarzenegger. But I don't want a movie to be sold just because the main character is memorable. For an action movie to really be good, I want visual delight as well as suspense and unfortunately this movie wasn't an 'edge of the seat' thriller. There are some creepy parts, particularly when the Terminator drives his car into the police headquarters, but for the most part this was a dull movie consisting of a robot/human from the future clunking around the city trying to kill a woman named Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton), who in the future will bear a son who will cause harm to the machines. The 'good guy' is Kyle Reese (Michael Biehn), who has also come from the future to protect Sarah. Unfortunately he, like Connor, is quite boring. As a fast-paced action picture the film worked okay, but as a classic of the action genre, 'The Terminator,' with the exception of its main character, is quite a letdown.

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