Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Number 23. D-

I wonder about movies like 'The Number 23.' Are they trying to be good, or are they intentionally made to be terrible? Whatever the answer is, the bottom line is this: 'The Number 23' is an awful movie. Jim Carrey stars as Walter Sparrow, a, uh, well, animal catcher. The first scene of the film lets us know that he is extremely board with his job. He needs some excitement. While visiting a bookstore, his wife Agatha (Virginia Madsen) picks up a tattered old book called 'The Number 23,' and gives it to Walter, who she believes will find it intriguing. It turns out that Walter finds the book more than intriguing, as the main character of the book bears a startling resemblance to him. He then begins to find the number 23 connected with nearly everything in his life. Why? What is the twist?'s so obvious isn't it! Walter also has a son named Robin, played by Logan Lerman. Robin, instead of being frightened by his father's obsession with the number 23, tries to help him solve the mystery. This movie could have been a decent psychological thriller, if it weren't for the horrendous script by Fernley Phillips. The dialogue is terrible, and there are some things that characters say that just does not come out right. Director Joel Schumacher (Batman Forever, Batman and Robin) takes an implausible, sloppy story and tries to put in a touch of human morality towards the end, but by then the movie is so messed up that we'd rather just see Walter let the bus run him over. If there is any reconciliation at the end between the viewer and the movie itself, it's that the film, despite the terrible acting from Carrey, serves as easy entertainment, though it just barely does so.

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