Saturday, May 23, 2009

Terminator Salvation. B-

Without Arnold Schwarzenegger as the star, 'Terminator Salvation,' the fourth film in the 'Terminator' series, relies mainly on the special effects instead of dialogue and character development. In that sense, it's a success, but at the same time, it could have been a lot better if the script by John D. Brancato and Michael Ferris was a more solid. The movie is set in 2018, and the Skynet machines are taking over the world. The basic idea is that the survivors, lead by Sarah's son John Connor, played by Christian Bale must battle the machines to save the world. Sam Worthington plays Marcus Wright, a young man who donates his body for experimentation after a visit from Dr. Serena Kogan (Helena Bonham Carter), a Terminator hybrid. He wakes 15 years later (2018) to find himself in a world of terror. He also discovers that he's a human terminator. His moral decision is whose side to take. Director McG makes sure that the visuals are dazzling, but as I said, the script is flat. Connor is not a very interesting, and when he suffers a serious injury at the end, we don't really root for him. Worthington is the film's best character, though he seems like he's on the verge of expanding into new waters the entire movie. Unfortunately he never makes it. Overall, this is an entertaining movie. There are some neat robots, especially the one that has motorcycle like machines shooting out of its legs, and the action is nonstop (it's funny how they don't save the biggest robot for last) and best of all, it's doesn't drag, coming in at under two hours. But without Arnold (though he does make a computer generated appearance) it just doesn't feel right.

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