Monday, June 29, 2009

The Brave One. B

Jodie Foster is one of the rare actresses who is actually much better in action thrillers than dramatic pieces. I mean, imagine Kate Winslet playing Fox in 'Wanted.' Foster seems made for roles involving revenge, blood, and shooting guns. The good thing is that she usually delivers stand-up performances, which are rare in action movies. In 'The Brave One,' she plays Erica Bain, a radio host who, along with her fiance, becomes the victim of a violent assault in Central Park. Her fiance is killed, and she rarely avoids death. As soon as she recovers, Erica finds that she can't concentrate on her work. She can't get the picture of the two gangsters who killed her love out of her head. She realizes that she is a different person, and soon she is wandering the streets as a crime-fighter. She comes across 'dangerous people' and shoots them, then leaves, leaving no traces that she was ever there except the bullets in the victims. Terence Howard plays a detective who is trying to track down the mysterious killer. Of course, Erica's ultimate goal is to find her fiancé's murderers and kill them. 'The Brave One' makes us wonder though: how come she is suddenly confronted with these situations, especially one on the subway. The coincidences in the story don't quite work, but luckily the performances do. Foster makes her character seem truly haunted, and though it's sort of hard to relate to her sudden change, we do feel some sympathy for her. Equal to Foster is Terence Howard, who seems to be making to most of every single performance he is given these days. 'The Brave One' sort of reminded me of 'The Crow,' only the protagonist isn't risen from the dead. They are both however walking nightmares on dangerous missions. 'The Brave One' is predictable, as there aren't really any major psychological twists at the end as one might expect. But it is still intriguing, exciting, and a step above the average crime thriller.

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