Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Talk to Me. A-

Two of the best actors working today put on a splendid show in 'Talk to Me,' a biographical film about legendary radio personality Petey Greene. Don Cheadle plays the dirty-mouthed Greene, who starts out the movie in prison, where he entertains the other inmates as the prison DJ. His real dream though is to become a real DJ on a professional radio station, but he must get out of prison if he wants to do that. One of the heads of the popular music station WOL is Dewey Hughes (Chiwetel Ejiofor), who meets Petey at a bar after Greene is released from prison. At first Dewey resents Greene, but he soon comes to realize that he might be able to help the struggling station. So he convinces head boss Sonderling, played by Martin Sheen, to give Greene a trial run. Despite Greene's wild-mouth, free-talking radio persona, Dewey begins to hear a wave of positive vibe surrounding Petey, and he soon becomes a cultural icon. Greene's philosophy is 'speak the truth.' It doesn't matter if it's controversial. It just needs to be spread to the people. 'Talk to Me,' as I said, stars two of the best actors working today. They are of course Cheadle and Ejiofor, both of who don't receive nearly as much recognition as they deserve. Cheadle especially shines, as he plays Petey nearly impeccably. The first 45 minutes or so of the movie are the best, and the most entertaining. The movie falters slightly in the second half, as it tries to tell a big story and keep the movie at two hours. Though it's based off a true story, 'Talk to Me' is refreshingly original. The script is great, the performances even better, and overall, it's one of the most under-appreciated movies from 2007.

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