Sunday, July 19, 2009

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. C

One has to admire 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang' for its astute methods of telling its story (not to mention its clever little title), but the only problem is that the story itself isn't very good. Robert Downey Jr, who may very well be one of the top three actors working today, plays Harry Lockhart, a criminal who is brought into Hollywood for his unique acting abilities. We're informed of this by Lockhart, who narrates the movie as well. To help prepare for his new role, Lockhart is sent to assist real life gay detective Perry van Shrike (Val Kilmer). Quickly they stumble upon a woman's corpse in a lake, and thus begins a web of mystery, which, unfortunately does not pack much of a punch by the end. Also along for the ride is Harmony (Michelle Monaghan), who believes that the dead woman is her sister. Much of 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang' is spent in exploring the relationship between Lockhart and Harmony, but since Monaghan's character was so dull, it just got kind of boring. And then the murder mystery really isn't all that interesting, especially because the twist at the end was underwhelming. It's more entertaining to watch Downey Jr. and his dead-pan humor poke fun at everyone than to actually follow the story, but that's about all that I really like in 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.' Coming in at just over an hour and a half, the film certainly moves quickly enough, but when the end credits began, I wasn't very sad that it was over.

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