Friday, July 24, 2009

White Squall. D

Without having the knowledge that Ridely Scott's 'White Squall' was based off a true story, I sat through the film thinking that it might be a candidate for my list of most hated movies. Then at the end when I found out that the story was true, I was sort of forced to forgive it slightly. But that still doesn't make it a good movie. In fact it's still a terrible one. The movie is about a group of young boys who embark on a quest to go halfway around the world by ship called the Albatross, led by the skipper, Chris Sheldon (Jeff Bridges). Sheldon is, as we've seen so often from those men in command, gruff, grim, and very unsympathetic toward his crew (it's like they're pirates almost). Now, the movie was advertised as sort of a survival adventure, but there really is no signs that the crew is having any trouble until the very end, when a brutal storm hits them. There is absolutely nothing original about 'White Squall.' From the 'we stick together attitude' to the young man who acts as a bully, but eventually evens out, this movie just felt like a mass of recycled clich├ęs. I was also sort of annoyed that there was no real purpose to the voyage except so that these boys could escape the real world and discover 'who they are.' Besides Bridges, the cast is simply average. None of these boys deliver strong performances, and the film's narrator, Chuck Gieg (Scott Wolf) was particularly bad, especially at the end, when he delivers some key lines. Speaking of the end, it's so ridiculous that I felt like laughing. Which leads to the big question: is this movie really trying to take itself seriously, or is just a big joke?

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