Friday, August 7, 2009

Nashville. A-

At 160 minutes, Robert Altman's 'Nashville' is a long movie that doesn't make a whole lot of sense in the time it spends telling its many stories. But making sense is not the film's purpose. Instead, at least in my eyes, its a look at the way people unite in life to get through difficult times. This is made clear by the final, and finest, scene in the movie. 'Nashville' spends over an hour in song, mostly country/bluegrass tunes. The other parts of the movie are mostly spent conveying relationships men and women. The setting for the movie is of course Nashville, where we are given the stories of over twenty people in the music business. none of the stories are given great depth. But again, this movie is not personal. Rather its a beautiful experience that actually does leave you soaring. The scene that really sold me was, as mentioned, the last one, when 'It Don't Worry Me' is performed. It's a great country tune, and its used during the end credits too. But since the song is long, it's still going by the time the credits end. But film doesn't stop. The screen just goes black and lets the song finish. I loved that about 'Nashville.' Back to that last scene. To me its an example of Altman's mastery as a director. He constructs that scene to perfection. He has every shot perfect. He spends just enough time on it, but doesn't overdo it either. Robert Altman may not be a director whom I cherish. I admire what he's done with his career and I know he has one movie that will stand out to me always: 'Nashville.' The rest of his movies don't matter much to me. I've only seen 'Nashville' once and its a movie that deserves to be seen multiple times. That, in the future, I will certainly do.

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