Monday, August 3, 2009

When Harry Met Sally... B+

The reason 'When Harry Met Sally...' is such a successful romantic comedy is because of how truthful it is in tackling the many layers of friendship and love. It raises questions that are relevant any relationship and then pursues to explore them pure honest humor. Also, I don't think the movie would work nearly as well if not for the amazing chemistry between its two leading stars, Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan. They play Harry and Sally respectively. They start out as two youths traveling to New York together. Neither cares for the other very much, and they part ways when the trip is over. Then five years later they, by chance, cross paths in an airport, where they relate to each other their current relationships. It's obvious that they have matured since the first meeting. Five more years pass and once again, they meet by coincidence. The question is, how long will it take for them to realize that they love each other? Now, though there is some schmaltz woven into the story, for the most part the film stays clear of sentimentality and instead focuses on good, hard dialogue and lots of humor. The director is Rob Reiner, who has made some good films besides this one. In his movies he does a good job of dealing with real life issues that are found at different parts of a person's life. In 'Stand By Me' he explored youths and their difficult decisions, in 'The Bucket List' (which wasn't all that great) he dealt with old people dying. And then with 'When Harry Met Sally...,' he presents a study of relationships, and does it without falling into the usual pit of death that so many romantic comedies become victims of.

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