Monday, September 7, 2009

A League of Their Own. B

Back in World War II, Major League Baseball suffered a bit of a blow when ballplayers, including stars like Ted Williams, went off to fight. And so, a new league was formed strictly for women who wanted to play baseball. They competed against each other and the revenue was substantial, as people across America bought into the change, at least until the war was over. And that's what 'A League of Their Own' is about. A girls baseball team that has a typical season that we've seen before in countless other sports movies. The only difference is that it's women competing, not men. And that's essentially the reason to see the film. Other than that, it's nothing special. The central ballplayer on The Peaches is Dottie, played by Geena Davis. She is a married woman whose husband is off in the war. She also serves as a bit of a disciplinarian to the other girls. She is an exceptional ballplayer and is chosen, along with her sister, to play in the league. The manager of the team, and the most memorable character, is Jimmy Dugan, played by Tom Hanks. He's actually really good in this, though strictly on an enjoyment level. His character isn't developed and he rarely reveals his other dimensions. Besides the typical storybook season of the Peaches, a big problem I had with the movie was the beginning and end. I'm not sure why. I understood why the end scene in the museum was important, but I would rather have had it be just a class of kids going on a tour. 'A League of Their Own' is entertaining and funny, but it keeps losing its touch when it becomes dramatic. It's considered a classic baseball film, and Dugan's line, "there's no crying in baseball," has become a fixture in AFI's "100 Greatest Movie Quotes." However, I didn't think it was on par with 'Field of Dreams,' 'The Bad News Bears,' or 'Bang the Drum Slowly.' But, it's not bad, and it leaves you feeling pretty good.

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