Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Butterfly Effect. B+

Back in 2003 I was seeing some movies at the local theater and the trailer for 'The Butterfly Effect' kept popping up. I especially remember from the footage the big fat guy with the crazy hair. I never actually wanted to see the movie, but since then it hasn't escaped my mind. So, I recently got a chance to see the movie in its entire length, which was more of a curious experiment than anything else (from what I'd heard, this was an extremely disturbing movie). In the end I was more than surprised. I was in a state of shock at how much I enjoyed this picture, which, in short, could be described as a psychological thriller etched with dramatic fantasy. Ashton Kutcher plays the protagonist, Evan, a college student who uses his old diaries to alter his haunted past. The only problem is that each time he does it, something else goes terribly wrong, which in turn affects the present. This is a riveting movie. I admit, it was, as advertised, not the easiest thing to watch. At times we can feel our heart drumming and the blood pounding in our ears. It's the sort of movie where we can see what will happen, and yet we still dread the outcome. But at the same time, it's extremely mercurial, which just adds to the intrigue of it all. The title comes from a branch of mathematics known as chaos theory, where small alterations produce great consequences. Thus, it's a perfect title. Apparently, a lot of people had a problem with the ending of the film. However, I loved the way it closed, but then I realized that I saw the director's cut, which uses an alternate, and probably much improved, ending. 'The Butterfly Effect' is clearly for a certain audience to enjoy. But it's no secret that anyone who sees it won't be able to help but think about it, debate it, and decide what it all really means.

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