Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Crying Game. B

'The Crying Game' was a movie that I held with high expectations, and while it was still a fine piece of work, I simply left it underwhelmed. It opens with Jody (Forest Whitaker) at a fair with a new girl named Jude (Miranda Richardson). But it turns out that she's merely setting Jody up for a trap, as he his soon taken hostage by a group of IRA members (they want to use him to free captured members of the IRA). One of the members, Fergus (Stephen Rea) forms a friendship with Jody, who gives him information on his other girlfriend. After an unexpected disaster, the story shifts gears completely. Fergus is now working on a construction site. During his spare time he tracks down Jody's girlfriend and soon falls for her. There is a big surprise that comes about two-thirds through the movie, but overall there's just not enough that goes on in this story. It's unlike most films in that it doesn't follow any rules. Everything in it is done in an unconventional fashion, which adds to the intrigue of the picture. Yet, it didn't make my heart start beating like it was supposed to, and while it's an admirable film from Neil Jordan (who also wrote the screenplay), it ultimately just didn't work for me.

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