Saturday, October 31, 2009

RocknRolla. C+

Guy Ritchie's 'RocknRolla' should be a feast for fans of stylish British caper films. It's got the large array of characters with their devious schemes, the twisting and turning plot, the quick pace of a classic caper, all accompanied with a twist that's inevitable, yet still surprising. But if you're not into this sort of thing, what will you make of the movie? Well, you'll probably get dizzy trying to keep up with the confusing story that moves with great speed, and sort of hope for it all to end so you can stop trying to keep everything organized in your head. Unfortunately I sort of fall into that category. It's not that I detest capers. It's just that I don't have the same fun with them that others do. I admired 'RocknRolla' for not trying to create something new in the genre. It keeps steady with the tradition of the British caper, yet there was too much happening that I didn't really care about. And it all went so fast! I'm not even going to attempt to describe the plot of this thing. It would take too long and by the end probably wouldn't make much sense. Guy Ritchie definitely has a knack for this sort of picture. He wrote the screenplay as well and he seems to have everything in the book down pat. Yet, I think a major problem with the movie, and it doesn't have anything to do with my attitude towards capers, is that the movie doesn't have a central character. You'd think Gerard Butler, who runs a small time team known as The Wild Bunch, would be the protagonist, yet he didn't really have a lot to do in the movie, and hardly even appeared at the end. Thus there were no characters who I really cared about. So in the end, maybe Ritchie tried too hard with the convoluted plot. Maybe he should have slowed the movie down a bit, focused a bit more on a central character, and left out some of the story. But that's just me. I prefer something a bit more laid back, like 'The Sting.' But if you like fast cars, you might as well jump on and take a ride with 'RocknRolla.' Just be sure to wear your seatbelt.

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