Saturday, October 24, 2009

Twilight. C+

With all the success that the 'Twilight' series by Stephenie Meyer has had, it seemed inevitable that a movie adaption would come along. So was the result as successful as the book? Well, in my eyes, yes. I enjoyed the book merely as a piece of easy entertainment. The same with the film adaption. I found it to be a light, campy good time, even if it was overall a pretty bad teen flick. By now you surely know the story, so I'll skip right up to the pros and cons of this hot new movie (though most fans, the majority of which are teenage girls, have forgotten about this one in their eager anticipation for its sequel, 'New Moon,' arriving next month). What I liked most was Kristen Stewart. Though you wouldn't expect it, I think this is her best role yet. It's certainly the one that's turned her into a star. But before this she was already a talented actress, albeit a pretty unknown one. Here she embodies Bella's character to perfection. She nails the facial expression and delivers the lines with impeccable astuteness. Secondly, I liked the dark, grey, chilling atmosphere of the movie. It's set in Washington and it had the ideal tone of a chilly vampire romance. Finally, I actually thought the first half hour of the movie was very stellar. On the downside, the movie sort of falls apart on its last leg, as the evil vampires enter the story merely for the sake of adding some excitement. Also, this was shot on a relatively low budget, and it showed. Everything, from the baseball game to the flying through the trees felt like something out of a low budget horror film twenty years ago. Serious movie gurus will be disgusted with 'Twilight.' But if you're a fan of the book, then this likely won't disappoint. It felt cheap, but it certainly succeeded in turning the vampire genre into a pop culture phenomenon.

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