Sunday, November 29, 2009

Holiday Affair. B-

The holiday season has begun, and with it, a tradition of watching some of the best-and not so best-Christmas movies. One I'd like to point out is a little Robert Mitchum project called 'Holiday Affair' that tells the story of a little boy, his mother, and her relationships with two men. It's not particularly great, and it's more of a vehicle for Mitchum than anything else. However, there's a certain childish charm to it. Part of it has to do with Gordon Gerbert (he plays the little boy named Timothy), a terrific child actor who never really became much of a star. But here he shows that he has the capabilities of being a great actor. The other reason is because of Mitchum's character, who is as much a child as Timothy (though oddly they both have a great deal of human knowledge in spite of their antics). If not for it's Christmastime appeal, 'Holiday Affair' would probably be one of those flicks gone and forgotten. But gladly, it contains plenty of holiday spirit, and though it's not a great (it really starts to fall apart during the final third of the film), it's well worth seeking out for those in need of some Christmas cheer.

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