Thursday, November 5, 2009

How to Lose Friends and Alienate People. C-

'HLFAP' is a terrific movie that provides plenty of good laughs-for about the first twenty minutes. Unfortunately it drags on interminably for another hour and a half, as the comedy dwindles and the intolerable romance sneaks in. This would have been a great Sitcom episode, but as a full length movie it just didn't have enough in the tank to shine. Simon Pegg, who's made a name for himself in the comedy world, stars as Sydney Young, a British journalist who believes the real way to find success is to hang out with celebrities, follow them, and write about them. He gets his wish when the head (Jeff Bridges) of a popular magazine in New York calls him and gives him a job. Things go haywire from there, as Young only causes trouble in his new work. The movie has a solid cast: Pegg is likable (though his antics get pretty aggravating after a while) and his love interest is Kirsten Dunst, who always does a decent job. Also, Bridges, Danny Huston, and Megan Fox are all well cast. The only problem is that the romance played out terribly and the script turned to a rapid decent after soon Young arrives in America. There are also a bunch of odd scenes that just felt out of place, like when Young's father randomly shows up in his apartment. I admit I laughed a few times, and the performances were good enough. But they were unable to carry this movie all the way, and by the end it just felt exhausted.

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