Thursday, November 19, 2009

Singin' In the Rain. A

There was an obligatory feeling that went through me every time I saw a copy of 'Singin' In the Rain' at my disposal. But I always passed it up. I had seen parts of the movie-the famous 'Moses Supposes' sequence, and the voice dubbing scene especially-but I had never watched the film in its entirety and felt that it was my solemn duty to end this problem. So I sat down to it and of course loved almost every bit of it. This movie glorifies the Hollywood musical in grand fashion. It's one of the greatest and most lavishing productions ever. Not being an advocate of musicals, there were two things that I greatly admired about 'Singin' In the Rain' that are based on my own personal feelings: one, it's not very long. If you look at almost any classic musical, the running time will extend far beyond two hours. This one is twenty minutes short of that (long sigh of relief...) Two, none of the actual numbers drag on unbearably (with the exception of the grand sequence that takes place in the protagonist's imagination-to me the only thing in the movie that comes close to being called a 'flaw'). So what is 'Singin In the Rain' about? Well, for one it's a smart, funny romance. But more so the movie reminds us that being a 'celebrity' with lots of money and attention can not bring us happiness. If you haven't seen 'Singin In the Rain' then don't make the same mistake I did and wait on it. See it as quickly as possible and then you'll find that it will stay with you forever.

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