Saturday, December 12, 2009

Bull Durham. A-

The great thing about 'Bull Durham' is just how truthful it is. It's very knowledgeable about the psychology of baseball as well as certain types of human behavior. The other great thing about the movie is just how funny it is. This is a very popular movie, a classic among movie lovers, baseball fans or not. Tim Robbins and Kevin Costner, who are both known for their work in dramas, look like comic geniuses in this. Costner especially is hilarious as Crash Davis, the catcher of the Durham Bulls. His dry wit and deadpan sarcasm ignite laugh after laugh. He's also a perfect match with Robbins, who plays Nuke, the wild new pitcher for the Bulls. They have an ongoing feud throughout the movie. Crash has the brains while Nuke has the gift of raw talent. This means that neither one can beat the other. Susan Sarandon is also strong as the woman who picks a draft pick every season to coach and satisfy her thirst for love. 'Bull Durham' is a staple in the comedy world. It will always be around, always be loved, and always, thanks to the brilliant script by Ron Shelton, be quoted.

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