Saturday, December 12, 2009

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. D

Professional movie critics almost seem biased in their negativity towards anything that's loud, teeming with explosions and chases, and resentful of any sort of real human drama in the story. These of course are audience movies, but it is funny how much so many critics actually dislike them. 'Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen' is sort of the epitome of this kind of film, as people swarmed the theaters this summer to see it, while 81 percent of critics (according the Rotten Tomatoes) absolutely slammed it against the counter, some (i.e. Peter Travers of Rolling Stone) called it a strong candidate for 'worst movie of the decade.' Now everybody knows that professional critics enjoy tearing apart big popular flicks and that you shouldn't pay attention to them. Maybe they are right in a certain sense, but they always seem to eliminate the fun factor from the movie. It's all about how dreadful the script is, or how cheesy the acting is, ect... But when it comes to 'Transformers 2,' they're absolutely correct in their slaughtering of the film. It really is that bad. The first 'Transformers' was a good deal of fun, but that's partly because it was all so new. We hadn't seen these massive machines yet, which allowed our senses to be wowed at the spectacle before us. In its sequel, Michael Bay serves us even more of the same thing, while extending the running time so he can fit in one more action sequence in after another. Everything in this movie felt contrived and pretentious. There's an attempt at humor in nearly ever scene. Now I did laugh, but not because it was funny. Rather because of just how plain dumb it all was. I also laughed at the characters, particularly Sam (Shia LaBeouf) and Mikaela (Megan Fox, hot as always) as they seemed to be running around spitting out absurdities, making them up as they went along. There's also an attempt at developing their romance, but it was beyond cheesy. 'Transformers 2' is one of the stupidest movies I've seen. It might be fun to see it with friends and then chop it up afterwords. The only problem, given the state of society's outlook on entertainment, is will other people actually think it's so bad?

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