Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Exorcist. C

While she's possessed, 12-year old Regan (Linda Blair) is confined to her bed, tied down by straps. Throughout the course of the movie, she never really leaves the bed, except for a supernatural moment of elevation. She looks scary, but she really isn't scary at all-at least in her actions. Since she's the reason so many people call this one of the scariest movies of all time, then you can probably guess that I didn't find 'The Exorcist' to be a very scary movie. And I did find it to be somewhat of a disappointment. Though Regan is the real reason to see the movie, everything else besides her is told in a somewhat sloppy manner. The movie doesn't have any rhythm to it. It's like all the scenes besides the ones in Regan's bedroom were thrown in to fill a time slot. And it's not as if the material is bad. It just didn't seem to fit in. For example, Lee J. Cobb's detective character comes in at about the halfway point to investigate a murder possibly committed by Regan. He does a little investigating and then disappears. He then shows up for about one second near then end of the movie, but we don't see him again at all after that. Then there's the subplot with Father Damien (Jason Miller), who's having trouble having trouble with his faith as well as his mother. But the exploration of his character seemed incomplete. Obviously his scenes with Regan are meant to resolve his dilemma, but to me it all felt rather far-fetched. Clearly this story isn't told in a neat, methodical fashion, but to its credit it creates a truly creepy character in Regan. Though she doesn't do anything that's actually scary, the mere image of her in our minds could cause nightmares.

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