Monday, January 4, 2010

Ghost Town. B

If you're a fan of the original British show of 'The Office,' then you'll be familiar with 'Ghost Town's' star, Ricky Gervais. But if you're American then the name is probably foreign. But not for long, as Gervais has arrived and makes an immediate impression. And it's a good one. 'Ghost Town' is a serious comedy with a fantastical premise that is never great, yet always solid, and thankfully never takes a wrong step. Ricky Gervais tackles a paranormal story for his first lead role, though he's only dead for a brief moment. when a medical operation has a little malfunction, Bertram Pincus (Gervais) dies for seven minutes and then comes back to life. Everything is normal except for the fact that he sees dead people. And as the movie's poster tells us, they annoy him. To get them to leave him alone, Pincus, who lives a lonely and isolated life, makes a deal with a ghost named Frank (Greg Kinnear), whose death occurs just as the movie opens. Pincus' job is to put an end to the relationship between Frank's widow (Tea Leoni) and a lawyer. 'Ghost Town' is more of a smile and chuckle comedy than a rip-roaring laughter comedy. But that's not a bad thing because the story is so truthful that it doesn't need extra laughs to cover up for any lame story devices. 'Ghost Town' is smart and engaging throughout and though not a grand comedy, it's well worth seeking out.

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