Sunday, January 24, 2010

Paul Blart: Mall Cop. D+

Why did I see 'Paul Blart: Mall Cop'? Maybe just to see what I was missing. After all, the movie has become an unexpected hit with American audiences, both in its theatrical release last January and its life on the DVD shelves. Well, turned out I wasn't missing much. This movie proves that people don't care about product quality. They're just looking for an excuse to entertain their kids. Now here's the deal: if you enjoy seeing a big fat cop become John McClane's twin and tumble around a mall trying to stop a group of hijackers while performing one stupid comic stunt after another, then you'll like this. That's essentially what the movie is made of. It doesn't allow any room for creativity. Just Kevin James acting stupid and trying to be funny. Every possible scenario ends up occurring in the film, from Blart's crush becoming a hostage, to his daughter randomly showing up at the end just to add some tension. It's so predictable and such a rip off of 'Die Hard' that it's hard to excuse it as light family entertainment. And the fact the American audiences made such a hefty profit for the movie is particularly discouraging. It further shows the willingness people have in accepting the dire state of family comedies these days. If there's any sort of recommendation here it's in the first twenty minutes of the picture, when Blart is still being introduced. It's mildly amusing. If the movie had ended there I'd have been perfectly content. Unfortunately it doesn't. So I suggest walking out after that first twenty minutes. Or even better, just skip the whole thing.

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