Friday, January 29, 2010

Trucker. C-

Even the strong performances in 'Trucker' (written and directed by James Mottern) can't salvage the way-too-predictable story that we're forced to sit through for what feels like much longer than 90 minutes. Though it keeps from becoming too maudlin and lachrymose, 'Trucker' is a story we're far too familiar with. It's the story of a mother (played by Michelle Monaghan) who's forced to watch her estranged 11 year old son while his father is in the hospital. They're both emotionally distant from one another, yet slowly they begin to form a bond. This film was very manipulative, trying to add real human emotion to disguise the obvious story-line. but the result was a pretentious collection of scenes that attempted to speak the truth yet ended up feeling very false. Though the main character is a truck driver who goes many places, the movie itself goes nowhere and it does it at an extremely plodding pace. No need to waste your time with this one.

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