Saturday, February 6, 2010

Days of Thunder. C

Everything in 'Days of Thunder' is clearly foreshadowed before it actually occurs. This is as predictable as movies come and though it was entertaining it still wasn't very good. But hey, what can you expect from a big, flashy Hollywood production from Jerry Bruckheimer and Tony Scott that stars hunka-hunka mega-man Tom Cruise? Here Cruise plays a Nascar driver, the Idiot. No, that's not actually his name. But the point is that this guy's not too bright. He doesn't actually know anything about auto racing, he tends to act irrationally, and he likes to race people even when he's not on the track. His mechanic and mentor is played by Robert Duvall and his love interest by Nicole Kidman. From the beginning we know his ultimate goal: to race in the Indy 500. 'Days of Thunder' is a well-made movie. The action scenes on the race path are splendidly shot in a mix of real-life action and special effects. And director Tony Scott gets the most out of his actors. Cruise does what he usually does (that is, provide an entertaining character) while Duvall and Kidman make the most of their screen time. But 'Days of Thunder' is plagued by a painfully obvious script as well as an ending that causes both shudders and cringes simultaneously.

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