Saturday, February 6, 2010

His Girl Friday. B+

The first half or so of Howard Hawks' 'His Girl Friday' is truly a special piece of comedic entertainment. The opening scene in which Rosalind Russell confronts Cary Grant in the newspaper office is brilliant, and the scene when they go out for lunch is even better. The first half of the movie was a showcase of great acting, great chemistry, and simply people having a load of fun doing what they do best. If only the second half of the movie could have been as gratifying. The final 40 minutes or so of the picture play like screwball comedy on drugs. These actors go crazy, talking so fast and performing one outlandish stunt after another. As for me, I was watching them go nuts and losing interest in the movie with every scene. By the way, the point of the film is Cary Grant trying to keep Rosalind Russell from marrying another man. I generally don't go for the screwball comedies of the forties and fifties, but this is one that I liked for the outstanding first half. I'll watch it over and over again. But as soon as that devious scheme to save a man's live comes up, I'll be sure to leave the room.

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