Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Matrix. A-

A mere ten years old, 'The Matrix' is not simply the first of a series of Science Fiction movies, but the opening to world beloved and, in some cases, endlessly studied by millions of faithful followers. Two more movies have followed, as well as an animated show, comic books, novels, and video games (also, certain members of the film's universal following have created a religion based on this world, though their sincerity is definitely questionable). They're all centered around a universe created by two brothers looking to make a piece inspired sc-fi fantasy. At the time I doubt the Wachowskis could foreshadow the vast success of their creation. Now they're considered geniuses and they're worthy of the praise in every sense of the word. Whatever distortions 'The Matrix' might have in its philosophical, religious, and literary interpretations and inspirations, in the end they can really only be forgiven. This is an ambitious movie that takes itself seriously and clearly has some serious ideas on its mind. Is Neo's messianic presence an illusion to Christ in that he's a savior to a damaged world? Or, on a more broad level of understanding, is the artificial world known as the Matrix a parallel to our own world and its increasing dehumanization? It's all debatable. Visually, 'The Matrix' has held up marvelously over the years. It could just have easily have come out in 2009 than 1999 (though the release of 'Avatar' could cause some to differ). And all the performances are really good, never overshadowed by the film's visual pizazz. I didn't like 'The Matrix' as much as 'Dark City' (which I seem to be referencing quite a bit lately), but the action is great, as is the visual style, and perhaps most of all the sophisticated ideas that have made the movie become a classic.

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