Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Out of Sight. A-

'Out of Sight' is entertainment on the highest level. The book it's based on is by Elmore Leonard, which I admired because of its plot structure, but as a whole didn't care for. Still, as with most of Leonard's work, It's ideal material for a movie, and all the right strings are pulled with the adaptation. Steven Soderbergh directing, George Clooney as the ex-convict Jack Foley, and Jennifer Lopez as the tough and beautiful cop who falls for him. Here is a movie that's meant to do nothing but give us a good time, and in doing so it becomes one of the most expertly crafted, suspenseful (yeah, and I read to book before seeing it) and sexy movies I've seen in a while. Clooney and Lopez have so much fun with their roles, which just makes the movie all the more enjoyable for the audience. And the great thing about their characters is that they can't admit that they like each other because they're on opposite sides of the law. I loved this film. It's an example of big stars at the top of their game. The movie never skips a beat. It just keeps on moving, clearly setting up for its vibrant finish. Very, very satisfying.

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