Monday, February 15, 2010

Step Brothers. C+

Is the fact that I found 'Step Brothers' to be funny a measure of my immaturity, or is the movie really that riotous? The movie features Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly as two men in their thirties who are forced to live together when their single parents decide to get married. Yeah, you heard right. Despite their age, these two guys are virtually ten year olds in grownup bodies. Their callowness and stupidity goes from one extreme to another and I was definitely laughing, if shamefully. The movie basically consists of them performing one outrageous stunt after another, each one cruder than the last. Now it's obvious at first that these two hate each other. It's funny for a bit but gets old. Thankfully the film shifts gears completely as Ferrell and Reilly suddenly become best friends. That's when I really started to let out the laughs. It's hard to give a movie as lame and debauched as this one is a pass. And in the end I'm not. Yet if you're with a group of guys looking for entertainment on a late night, this one will definitely generate laughs. Ferrell and Reilly essentially play the same characters as they always do in comedy roles, and despite how insulting they are here, it took some talent to pull of what they do here. Also, Richard Jenkins is good (if out of place) as the father, while Seth Rogan makes a brief but funny appearance as well.

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