Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sunshine Cleaning. B

Can two fantastic actresses save an otherwise mediocre movie? In this case, yes. Amy Adams and Emily Blunt truly rescue 'Sunshine Cleaning,' a crazy, ambitious, yet annoyingly quirky and largely unfunny comedy. They play two sisters, neither of whom have much of a life. So they collaborate and create a crime-scene cleanup service called Sunshine Cleaning. The movie puts a heavy emphasis on the characters, who, despite their unusual job, are very believable. The problem with the movie is that it never reaches the emotional level of a film like 'Little Miss Sunshine.' Something was definitely missing. Still, I liked the movie for Adams and Blunt alone. There are also some good supporting characters here, too. Alan Arkin plays the father of the sisters and Clifton Collins Jr. is very memorable as a one-armed man named Winston. I mentioned 'Little Miss Sunshine,' which was a remarkable movie. 'Sunshine Cleaning' is clearly trying to emulate that sleeper hit. And there are some obvious similarities between the two. Besides the fact they each share the same producers, both movies have the word 'sunshine' in the title, both attempt to tell human stories through their eccentric plots, and finally they both feature Alan Arkin, who essentially plays the same character in both films. But 'Little Miss Sunshine' was so much better than this. It was actually funny and extremely heartfelt. 'Sunshine Cleaning' had touches of both, but not nearly enough to be held in association with Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris' gem. but it won't hurt to see this movie. And I am recommending it for Emily Blunt (especially) and Amy Adams, who both light up the screen with their wonderful, charismatic turns as two conflciting sisters who bond through a very unlikely business.

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