Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Trainspotting. C+

For a movie as wild and zany as 'Trainspotting' is, it comes as somewhat of a surprise just how blatant and upfront it is about its message. It is a message known to all: drugs are bad. They destroy your friendships, your relationships, and your life. The film doesn't have any particular focus point. It's central mission is to demonstrate the lives of people high on drugs. There are a group of friends who we get to know, most notably a young guy named Mark, played by Ewan McGregor. From his point of view we see them trying to find romance, fun, adventure and work, all while addicted to heroin. The film jumps around rather quickly. The only time we really get an extended scene is when Mark is recovering from a drug overdose. It hurts to see him suffering in his bed for such a long time. Other than that the movie whizzes by and is over in a brisk 90 minutes. I liked the robust and energetic style of Danny Boyle's movie, but I wasn't very enthusiastic about the project as a whole when it ended. I felt it was 'okay,' but it didn't seem like I had just witnessed something that I'll care about for a long time. And that's sort of the effect most of Boyle's movies have on me. I liked 'Millions,' when I saw it, but have since distanced myself from it. I thought 'Slumdog Millionaire' was very satisfying, but, despite it's hefty pile of awards, it's clear that it won't become a classic. I probably like '28 Days Later' the most of any of his directing efforts. I think the main problem with his movies, at least in my eyes, is that his vivid imagination sometimes gets the better of him. Still, I admire the considerable craft that go into his movies. We know one thing is for sure: this guy really has a love for this medium. 'Trainspotting' is definitely on the lower echelon of Mr. Boyle's filmography. An admirable picture for sure, but not very fun to sit through or satisfying at the end.

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