Monday, March 29, 2010

Aliens. B+

I still stand by my position that Ridley Scott's original 'Alien' is a better movie than James Cameron's sequel. 'Alien' is a masterpiece of Science Fiction and horror while its sequel is more of an all-out action picture. While Scott's film wisely hid the alien from our sight till the end, Cameron, knowing there's nothing to spoil, terrifies the audience visually rather than psychologically by offering numerous encounters of these spectacularly designed creatures. The aliens are in clear sight and now they've multiplied. If one alien didn't have a problem destroying several passengers in the original, imagine what it's like now with only a few extra men on board and a lot more aliens. I credit Cameron's film as a dazzling action piece, but it didn't terrify me the way it was supposed to. Yeah, I was sort of scared, but I didn't have nearly the same spine-chilling experience as I did with the first one.

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