Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Catwoman. D-

There isn't much of an original soundtrack in the abhorrent 'Catwoman.' It's more just a series of pop and hip/hop songs thrown together to add some pizazz to the wannabe flashy structure of the movie. The movie has zero substance. It's all cheap, poorly crafted style. I brought up the soundtrack because 'Catwoman' appeared to me more as one of those lousy modern music videos than an actual movie. Extremely predictable, the story opens with Patience (Halle Berry) floating in the water, dead. It then flashes back and we're introduced to her very boring job: an artist for beauty creams. Now, believe it or not, the creams are integral to the story line. They couldn't come up with anything better than that. Patience discovers a deadly secret and is killed and then brought back to life by a mysterious cat named Midnight. Thus Catwoman is born. Her job: roaming (or jumping) around at night trying to track down her killers. Patience has a love interest of well, a detective named Tom, played by Benjamin Bratt. He's the only character in the movie who doesn't come across as total cardboard. Patience is a total disaster as far as her development goes once she comes back to life. The movie isn't interested in exploring her dilemma. All it cares about is getting Halle Berry into a sexy leather costume. And I guess that's the one plus to the movie. Halle Berry is really hot, even if her acting takes quite a tumble from her Oscar-winning turn in 'Monster's Ball.' It's been six years since 'Catwoman' was released. The movie ends with an intention for a sequel. I haven't heard a single mention of more Catwoman, except for if she might appear in the next Batman movie. Well, there's an experiment that failed miserably.

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