Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Forgetting Sarah Marshall. D

I guess it's ironic that a movie labeled as 'the ultimate romantic disaster comedy' turns out to be a bigger disaster than the one we see unfold on screen. Jason Segel stars as Peter, a sad-sacker but likable chap who happens to be in a relationship with a TV star, Sarah Marshall (Kristen Bell). Well, not for long. The movie practically opens with Sarah announcing that she's leaving Peter. Depressed, Peter goes on a vacation to Hawaii where he coincidentally runs into Sarah and her new boyfriend, Aldous Snow (Russell Brand). He's a British rock-star, friendly, but self-absorbed. The rest of the movie consists of their encounters with each other and with an assortment of other characters. Sounds like fun, right? Not really. The movie is surprisingly unfunny, even with comic turns from Jonah Hill, Paul Rudd, and Bill Hader. I might have laughed feebly a few times, which, for a product from the Judd Apatow company, is very disappointing. And really the movie is just a tedious drag. It goes on and on, but nothing really happens. Now I understand that this film was liked by a good deal of people. Richard Roeper even called it 'one of the funniest damn movies I've ever seen.' Really? Clearly this one just did not work for me on any level. It's long, laborious, tedious affair. And I didn't just want to forget Sarah Marshall. I wanted to forget everyone and everything about this movie.

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