Friday, March 19, 2010

Happy Gilmore. B+

Adam Sandler plays the title character in 'Happy Gilmore.' I'm not sure how much I liked this guy. He's the movie's hero, but his attitude is outrageous and violent. He's oblivious to his crazy actions and completely un-self-conscious. Yet his redeeming quality is his selflessness. Gilmore wants to be a hockey star, but his real gift is golf. He has no clue how to play the game, and his approach to it would insult just about anyone who considers this a 'gentleman's sport.' But he has a natural ability to hit the ball 400 yards, giving him an advantage over almost everyone. Now, back to his unselfish persona. Here's a guy who looks like he'd enjoy spending money for pleasure. But he doesn't. His motive throughout the movie is to win enough money playing golf so he can get back his grandmother's house that was lost due to unpaid taxes. There's a certain innocence to Gilmore. As rude as he is, we still can't help but laugh and be amused at his behavior. Like we would if a little kid was doing this. And that's the whole point of the movie. To make us laugh. We can't take Sandler's character seriously because it's meant to be funny. There was a stretch in the film where I was laughing for what felt like five straight minutes. However, as funny as Sandler is here, the funneist scene was watching that lady try to hit a golf ball near the beginning. The plot of 'Happy Gilmore' unfolds like a typical sports film, with the 'villain' (an egotistical pro played by Christopher McDonald) and Happy fighting to the finish where they have the big 'final round.' But this actually works as both a necessity for extra laughs and as a parody of the serious sports movies.

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