Sunday, March 14, 2010

Kill Bill Vol. 2. A

I was slightly worried going into vol. 2 that this would be more or less of the same thing that we saw in the first film. It wouldn't be a bad thing considering vol. 1 was terrific, but it also might be sort of disappointing just because we wouldn't get to experience that brilliant slow pacing of Tarantino's previous works. Not to worry. Vol. 2 is nothing like it's predecessor. Though they're the same movie divided into two parts, the second volume mostly abandons the action that defined vol. 1. This time we get more flashbacks and longer, drawn out scenes that supply us with the answers we want. Not only does it help us to understand the bride more but it also changes the perspective of part 1. Though vol. 2 isn't all about the action, that's not the say the movie doesn't have some thrilling moments. There are plenty of them, including one particularly frightening and claustrophobic scene in which the bride is captured and buried alive. Also there's a snake scene that freaked me out more than anything in Indiana Jones ever could. But in the end it's not the action that makes the second part great. It's the conversation, especially the finale in which the bride finally confronts Bill.

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