Monday, March 29, 2010

The Mackintosh Man. D-

I never would have thought that a film directed by John Huston, who has made some of my favorite movies, and starring Paul Newman, who has acted in some of favorites as well, could be this despicably dreadful. It's one of the worst movies I've seen, and the fact that these big names are behind it makes it only more atrocious. 'The Mackintosh Man' fails on every level, from its stupid title to its cardboard characters to its overall lack of both explanation and plausibility. I didn't have any fun with the movie because it didn't seem like Newman or Huston were either. The direction was bland. Huston gives us nothing to get excited about, and after story gets out of hand, he seems to give up all together. Newman just looks like he's rushing his scenes so he can leave the movie set. He doesn't bring any of his charm or true capabilities to the table. It's not really worth talking about the story, but I will say its a spy movie in which Newman plays a British agent who goes undercover to stop a sinister plot. The story is very hard to follow because the movie doesn't try to make it clear. I wonder if Huston and Newman even had any clear idea what was happening? It seems doubtful, as neither apparently cared about this dismal project. Here's another thing that really disappointed me. Newman's character is clearly in love with a woman called Mrs. Smith. She's played by a fine French actress, Dominique Sanda. Yet there was zero chemistry between them because the script didn't bother to develop their relationship. That's why I really hated 'The Mackintosh Man.' It puts so much to waste.

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