Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Observe and Report. C-

There are many similarities between the family-friendly 'Paul Blart: Mall Cop' and the heavily R-rated 'Observe and Report.' 'Paul Blart' was a complete disaster. Unfortunately 'Observe and Report' doesn't fare much better. Seth Rogan stars as Ronnie Barnhardt (sounds pretty similar to Paul Blart), a bipolar mall cop trying to raise his self-esteem. He wants to be considered a hero of sorts, and when the opportunity arrises to bring down a flasher who randomly haunts females in the mall parking lot, he takes it. This all happens pretty early on and after that the story takes some serious detours. Ronnie suddenly decides he wants to become a real cop while he tries to win over a mall worker, played by Anna Faris. Ronnie is a pretty pathetic character, but he's also very aggressive and surprisingly violent. I'm sure writer-director Jody Hill ('The Foot Fist Way') intended this to be funny, but to me it was far from it. I did not like Ronnie Barnhardt and I didn't like this movie, either. Now there are some funny and outrageous moments here and there, and the movie definitely isn't restricted any sort of Hollywood boundaries, but as a slice of dark comedy, it's just not a very pleasant experience.

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